Friday, 28 October 2016

Personal Blog 4

This post cover my 7th and 8th weeks at the QA Academy. At this point I am deep into my DevOps training. I have spent the last two weeks working with Docker primarily, this is a container management system which functions a bit like Puppet but better. We began the first week covering the basics of the Docker with the aim of doing a group project where we would continue the trend of installing a software suite automatically using the new program. I was excited for this as I was set to be the project manager and everything, we even had a team name (Team Blubber). Sadly is was not to be as it was decided that this would work better as an individual project. This proved to be even more of a problem for me personally as I was away for the Wednesday and Thursday of that week to attend my graduation which was when the project began.

Graduation was an interesting break from work, I ended up going down to London on the Tuesday evening and stayed at the house of a group of friends still studying for their Masters degrees. It was a great opportunity to catch up with people even if the guy who I had originally asked to stay with had disappeared off that day without telling anyone so I had to wander around Soho looking for another person to let me in. The actual ceremony was rather tedious due to the number of babies in the audience but wandering around in a gown all day was fun. Unfortunately that night I picked up a cold which has plagued me even up to now at the end of the two weeks.

So then I returned to QA full of cold, coughing my lungs out and two days behind on the docker project. So all in all it was not the best Friday of my life. We then spent the next week continuing to work on the project, with multiple deadline extensions being applied which allowed me to catch up well enough. We also began working on our interview technique for when we are ready to be deployed. We had some lectures and some sessions in which we practiced simply having a conversation. We have also been given an indication as to where we may be heading after our training is finished. I am being sent off to Ipswich to do AWS  cloud things for a company called Kcom. This is a pretty unique opportunity as everyone else is going to London for various roles. I may even be able to live with my uncle in Colchester for cheap accommodation. All in all I would say that I am excited to move forward into the world of cloud technology.

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